Konami knows MGS 4 is a Sony title, but what about MGS 5?

Solid Snake is Sony's - Image 1There have been quite a clamor for Konami‘s Metal Gear Solid franchise to cross the border over to Microsoft‘s green pasture. With the end of the TGS 2008, Yahoo Japan reports that the publisher does recognize this clamor. Will recognition lead to fulfillment of clamor?

Solid Snake - Image 1Solid Snake has always been solid with Sony. But will this be sustained for the future installments of the Metal Gear Solid franchise if ever?

Yahoo Japan reported on the highlights of the recently concluded Tokyo Game Show 2008, but amidst all the wrap-up, what stood out was the bit on Konami‘s recognition that there is a huge demand for Metal Gear Solid to be on the Xbox 360.

However, the report furthers, though there is this recognition of such a demand, Konami also factors in the conscious knowledge that Metal Gear Solid 4 is, in fact, a Sony game at the moment (emphasis ours).

If you’ll remember, Kojima showed some hints of dismay at all the fussy requests for MGS 4 to be ported to Microsoft‘s next-gen back in August. He was quoted as saying then that:

… half the questions are like ‘Will MGS4 be coming out on 360 or other formats?’, and in the near future I hope they’ll ask me about Metal Gear, about us, about our future projects, and will stop caring about the hardware.

Still, it begs the question, though, of what happens in the future, say, like for MGS 5. To Xbox 360 fans out there, don’t get your hopes up on this one. It’s a very open-ended speculation, and there’s not much we can do except wait for later developments on the matter.

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