Konami: no comment about Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 patch

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 - Image 1To patch or not to patch? After reportedly saying that they are currently working on a patch meant to fix Pro Evolution Soccer 2008‘s (for the Xbox 360 and PS3) lag woes, they now refuse to comment on the patch rumor. Could it just be a case of a broken press release date, or have we been led to hope for a non-existent patch?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 - Image 1Gamers who are frustrated with the lag problems plaguing Konami‘s Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (for the Xbox 360 and PS3) may just have to twiddle their thumbs for now. Konami has refused to comment about the rumored patch that is supposed to rectify the lag and frame rate issues that happen during online multiplayer modes of the soccer title.

Rumors of a patch surfaced when pesforum.co.uk reported that a Konami spokesperson confirmed that development of a patch that is supposed to fix the online lag. Pro-G also followed suit, and allegedly got the same positive answer from the Konami spokesperson.

However, when Pro-G contacted Konami once again they were told that there is currently no announcement for an upcoming patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

Let’s hope that there truly is a patch coming to fix PES 2008, and that somebody just let his tongue slip a little too early from Konami, hence their silence.

More updates to come!

Via Pro-G

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