Konami teams up with Hudson Soft to release games in Europe

Konami and Hudson Soft Collaboration to Conquer Europe - Image 1After teaming up with veteran gaming company Konami Digital, game publisher and developer Hudson Soft is gearing to conquer  Europe with plans to create a new line up of games for the coming year. After the success of their past games in Europe from the Bomberman series and Metal Gear Solid series, gamers the world over expect nothing but the best from the Konami-Hudson Soft deal.

Eager to know what goodies await you next year? Read on!

Hudson Soft's Bomberman - Image 1The coming year seems to foretell nothing but success for Konami Digital. After profitable sales of such games as Bomberman and the Metal Gear Solid series in Europe, Japanese game developer and publisher Hudson Soft has consigned Konami to handle the distribution of the company’s future Nintendo Wii and DS game titles in the same country.

Hudson Soft’s decision to enlist the aid of Konami was wise indeed for, not only is Konami already considered to be one of the corner stones of the gaming industry, the company still proves to be going strong with recent hits as Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

No word yet on what titles shall be released. But, we do know that Hudson Soft and Konami’s collaborative effort plans to produce new sports and family-oriented titles as well as new IP titles.

Both gaming outfits openly voice out there positive opinions towards their newly made partnership. But, as long as both of them keep on creating great games, gamers the world over couldn’t be happier.

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