Konami updates on Metal Gear Online Gene expansion issues

Konami updates on MGO Gene expansion issues  - Image 1Here’s some good news for the guys who were affected by Metal Gear Online‘s woes following the release of its Gene expansion. Konami has released a timeline indicating that its refund process for overcharged players is now completed. The rest of their update is available for reading over in the full article.

Konami updates on MGO Gene expansion issues  - Image 1 

Konami recently announced some good news and bad news regarding the recent connection issues that recently Metal Gear Online following its Gene expansion update. For the good news, the company has announced that all services on “my Konami,” except for the MGO Shop, have been restored. More importantly however, Konami has also announced that their refunding process for the customer who were overcharged due previous to processing errors has been completed.

The bad news is that Konami also reports that it’s still in the process of finding a solution to the problems currently affecting the MGO Shop and Reward shop (screenshot taken from Konami’s MGO site):

Konami: Currently  

The company further reports that it apologizes for any inconvenience the problem may have caused the players, and that they’re currently looking for a permanent fix for the situation. That’s all for the moment – drop by against in case we receive any word of an update. Those interested in reading Konami’s full timeline regarding this problem can visit their site via the source link below.

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