Kynapse to be available for Wii game developers

Kynogon - Image 1Wii Gamers who want NPCs in their games to act more intelligently will be pleased to find out that Kynogon‘s popular AI engine, Kynapse, is now available for use by Wii game developers. Hopefully, this means that we’ll have NPCs that won’t run around in circles. Hit the full article for more details.

Kynogon - Image 1

Kynapse, Kynogon‘s unique A.I. engine utilized by games such as Rogue Warrior Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online, among many others, is now available to game developers for the Nintendo Wii.

Kynogon is especially proud of this big-time deal with Nintendo. Pierre Pontevia, Kynogon’s CEO, said:

Wii is a remarkable success and we are proud to offer Kynapse to Wii game developers. The unique capabilities of Wii allow developers to produce creative forms of gameplay that require innovative AI. Kynapse has been selected by a very significant number of industry leaders for the development of AAA titles.

All Kynapse tools and utilities can now be used to lend advanced behavior to NPCs in Wii games, such as providing advanced spatial reasoning functionalities to NPCs, enabling them to identify good hiding zones, threats, and paths just like human-controlled characters.

With this new deal between Kynogon and Nintendo Wii, gamers can now look forward to many games with more competent NPC artificial intelligence.

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