Laser Hockey DS v0.4.0 – now with improved physics

Nintendo DS - Image 1Fans of MrTyzik‘s Laser Hockey DS (previous version here) should rejoice at this point, because the game now has improved physics that gives the game a more realistic physics engine, thanks to Box2D. Other than that, it still looks just like the last version. Check out the changelog in the full article.

Download: Laser Hockey DS v0.4.0

Laser Hockey DS MrTyzik - Image 1Portable hockey enthusiasts should better get ready to update their copies of Laser Hockey DS (previous version here). Homebrew developer MrTyzik has recently released the latest version of the the ‘brewed gaming goodness, with a highly improved physics engine from Box2D.

At first glance, there isn’t any change between this build and the last – MrTyzik didn’t even post a screenshot of Laser Hockey DS’s latest version, because as he said “they are exactly the same.” But do take the game for a ride: the physics afforded by Box2D feels just like the real thing and highly improves the game.

Here’s the changelog for Laser Hockey DS v0.4.0:

  • Using Box2D for physics, still needs a lot of tweaking and bug fixing; it took almost two months but it’s a huge improvement
  • Re-initializing memory between screen changes to avoid a memory leak
  • Remove remnants of old placeholder engine
  • Using Box2D’s body rotation for the sprite rotation
  • Player two takes control of physics updates when ball is in his or her court, a vast improvement in responsiveness of game play for player two
  • Select button now exits practice and multiplayer games

If you need any additional information before you jump into this homebrew game, it’s best to start with the accompanying readme file. Enjoy!

Download: Laser Hockey DS v0.4.0

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