Leaked Xbox 360 update list further debunked by Major Nelson

Nelson on “leaked” Live update: “This is not the list youÂ’re looking for” - Image 1Remember that rather extensive list of updates for the Xbox 360’s Spring update? Microsoft denied ever seeing this “leaked” list, but some of you may not have been willing to accept this point blank. If you need some further convincing that the list is indeed fake, perhaps you can take Major Nelson‘s word for it. More in the full article.

Nelson on “leaked” Live update: “This is not the list youÂ’re looking for” - Image 1 

A few days ago, a rather extensive list of dream updates for the Xbox 360 was supposedly leaked, causing a lot of gamers to whoop for joy. Unfortunately, Microsoft debunked the list, saying they’ve never seen it before.

Seeing as how corporate responses can be often be vague, some of you may still have held out, hoping that the list was legit. Unfortunately, and sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems the list really is bunk, according to Major Nelson.

Major Nelson is the Director of Programming for Xbox Live, so he should know. In his latest podcast, Major Nelson remarked that:

Now this list was a list that was allegedly leaked from inside Microsoft and had all sorts of features for an upcoming update. I think the official PR answer wasÂ… “We do not comment on rumours and speculation, but weÂ’ve never seen this list before.”

E and I can tell you, from people working on the product team, because we donÂ’t work on the PR team, weÂ’ve never seen that list beforeÂ… This is not the list youÂ’re looking for. Move along.

Via Major Nelson

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