Learn on the go: Atlantic Link launches e-Learning software for PSP

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1Learning on the go is one of the more trendy ways to give your brain some much needed exercise. Atlantic Link set out to do just that by introducing an e-Learning software that’s fully compatible with the Sony PlayStation Portable. For more details regarding this handheld learning experience, check out our full article after the jump.

Logo of Atlantic Link - Image 1Atlantic Link is out to debunk one of the most stereotypical jabs about video gaming – specifically, the one where people think you can’t learn anything from picking up a gaming console or handheld.

The company has recently introduced an e-Learning software which is fully compatible with the Sony PlayStation Portable. This software can be used to download design courses through the PSP’s Internet browser, which can then be deployed from the memory stick or online.

Naturally, one of the biggest hurdles of this learning medium is the relatively tiny display compared to your standard PC screen. However, MD Mike Alcock mentioned that this won’t be too much of a problem considering the delivery of the tools being offered by Atlantic Link:

[…] To tackle this [smaller screen size] we have enabled our software to author at the native screen size of a Sony PSP. Because the output of Content Point is Flash, the courses still contain all of the high quality and interactivity of Atlantic LinkÂ’s usual output, but with the benefit of small screen design. Quizzes, games, activities, audio, video and Flash animations are all supported, giving users the richest possible course experience.

Alcock foresees a huge potential for this particular delivery method for e-Learning. Due to the relatively quick turnout of content being churned out by their software, content producers now have a method for producing huge volumes of interactive content for the PSP in hours instead of weeks.

If you’re interested in checking out a sample of e-Learning experience on the PSP, just visit the source link below using your handheld’s browser. In any case, this is definitely a good way to exercise your brain.

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