Legends of Norrath: your chance to play Trakanon

Legends of Norrath: Play Trakanon - Image 1EverQuest II‘s Legends of Norrath online card game will be getting a twist. While players battled against Trakanon with the release of Forsworn, they now have a chance to become Trakanon himself. Check out the full article for details.

Legends of Norrath: play Trakanon - Image 1 Legends of Norrath: play Trakanon - Image 2 Legends of Norrath: play Trakanon - Image 3 

Players of EverQuest II‘s Legends of Norrath will be getting a treat today. The release of the Forsworn expansion pack introduced players to the Trakanon raid. Now roles are reversed as players are given the chance to play Trakanon himself.

Trakanon Raid Cards will be dropped as loot starting 2:00 p.m. today until February 17. You’ll be able to have a chance to play Trakanon and go against four opponents at the same time in EverQuest and EverQuest II.

The Trakanon Raid Deck will have 31 different cards to loot and play, so now’s the time to get your game on.

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