Leipzig: Heavy Rain trailer, QTE gameplay footage, release date

Heavy Rain trailer - Image 1While Silent Hill is a fictional thriller, there’s nothing more bone-chilling than something that’s rooted in a real-world setting. And that’s one of the main reasons why I’m waiting for Heavy Rain. Especially after seeing this Leipzig trailer. Picture this: 100% in-game footage and gameplay clips! It’s definitely come a long way from the E3 2006 tech demo. Oh, forget Pyramid Head and Scissorman. It’s all about the Origami Killer now… Grab your umbrellas (it might be your only form of defense!) and watch the trailer in the full article.

Hey! And just earlier, someone in the comments section was asking about Heavy Rain‘s gameplay! Now, we finally see it in action! Here’s the trailer from Leipzig 2008. And yes, 100% of what you see is in-game footage. Not a cutscene, not pre-rendered CGI clips. Just pure real-time rendering. Looks like Quantic Dream pulled out all the stops with their graphics engine.

Get ready for some jaw dropping moments, my friends:

Pretty sweet, yes? As expected, the game’s going to be a thriller. The trailer’s just oozing with suspense, and even without the whole supernatural bit, I’d say it can even compare with Silent Hill‘s horror. (There’s something about psycho killers that freaks me out more than fictional pyramid dudes… But moving on…)

What’s new here though is that we’re finally given a clue of what the gameplay will be like. Aside from going around and investigating creepy houses, action sequences will be revolving around QTEs – in other words, simon-says button sequences akin to the God of War series and Shenmue.

I’m starting to think that this “Origami Killer” or so to speak is some murderous psycho that you’ll be encountering pretty frequent in the game. It sort of makes me think of Clock Tower.

Oh and yes. Heavy Rain is now officially dated for 2009. Huzzah!

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