Let’s get ready to rumble, Wii gets Ready 2 Rumble Revolution

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution - Image 1In the immortal words (and voice) of Michael Buffer, “Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!” (Don’t forget to hold “rumble” until you run out of breath). But seriously, Atari is bringing the best-selling franchise back with a vengeance as Ready 2 Rumble makes it comeback in Ready 2 Rumble Revolution. Read up on what’s new in the full article.

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution - Image 1

Are you ready to rumble? Atari is bringing the best-selling franchise, Ready 2 Rumble in Ready 2 Rumble Revolution, complete with an all-star cast and and a meaner right cross. It’ll retain all the features of its predecessors, and with its arrival into the Wii system, we can expect more fun out of this one.

Infogrames (Atari’s parent company) president Phil Harrison has this to say:

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution is poised to take back the title as the undisputed champion of arcade boxing games and we hope to reach an even bigger audience than ever thanks to the huge popularity of Wii. The outrageous celebrity caricatures paired with a fun boxing experience made even more over-the-top thanks to the Wii controllers will make the newest version of this famed franchise a must-have for all fans of boxing and physical fun on Wii.

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution will feature an 18-character roster of caricatured, cartoon-ized parodies of celebrities of sports, movies, and music. They’re not naming names yet, though, but I’m pretty sure Syphon Cruel takes after a certain snarky American Idol judge. One name we do have is that none other than Michael Buffer, who lends his voice talent as the game’s host.

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You can also create your own character, build up their stats, give them careers and stuff. But the best part is that you’ll be using the Nunchuk controller as one glove, and the Wii Remote as the other, so you can really sweat it out and knock yourself out with this game.

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution enters the ring in Spring 2009.

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