Level-5 readies up Inazuma Eleven Break!, Wii likely to get it

Soccer ball - Image 1Level-5 of Japan, the creator of Professor Layton and Jeanne d’Arc, has announced that its genre-busting Inazuma Eleven Break! is headed to consoles soon. The soccer sim-RPG hybrid’s home console is still undisclosed, but hints have been dropped as to where it may land. An anime, manga, and trading card expansion plan is also coming up. All the details can be found in the full article.

Inazuma Eleven - Image 1 

Japanese developer Level-5 recently hinted that it will start self-publishing games on consoles. Company president Akihiro Hino announced that RPG and soccer sim hybrid Inazuma Eleven Break! will come to a console which is yet to be disclosed.

IGN says that this upstart franchise is scheduled to go off in a big way on home soil, with anime, comic book, and trading card expansions set to serve as synergies to the game. OLM, recognized for their work on the Pokemon anime series, will be in charge of Inazuma Eleven Break!’s anime portfolio, while Coro Coro Comics will have the print wing covered.

Though the game’s host platform is still up in the air, Hino expressed interest in the Nintendo Wii. This plan seems like a likely one to materialize as the company has had a lot of success on Nintendo machines. A case in point is the Professor Layton series for the DS.

Still, Sony platforms could land the title. Level-5 has had a good run with them as well with hits like Jeanne d’Arc for the PSP and an upcoming PS3 RPG called White Knight Story.

All of these plans are still on the Japan-only stage, but we’ll give you an update once further developments come to light.


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