Life with PlayStation coming very soon, supports [email protected]

Life with PlayStation - Image 1Life with PlayStation is meant to be good, and it's coming your way soon. What's getting in the way of its launch and what's gonna be in store for us when it comes out? Find out after the jump.

Life with PlayStation - Image 1"The Life with PlayStation application is looking good," so says Senior Development Manager for SCEA R&D Noam Rimon. In a post on the PlayStation Blogs today, he confirmed that the application is indeed nearing its launch.

What's more, it's gonna be offered as a free service and will easily be accessible directly from the XMB. For those of you giving blank looks as to what Life with PlayStation is, then listen up. It will feed live content on to your PS3 with updates on news and weather, complete with stunning visuals and a global map that is interactive.

Apart from that, it will be combined with the highly successful [email protected] project. As you all know, leaving your PS3 running helps Stanford researchers continue their work on the discovery of cures to several diseases like Alzheimer's and cancers. Therefore, when you tune in to Life with PlayStation, you will essentially be continuing the [email protected] project as well.

Neat little package, huh? Anyhow, the only thing keeping them now from actually releasing the app are some paperworks. Hopefully that won't take too long now. Keep you posted on updates on this.

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