Lifting the haze: Haze release next month?

Haze for the PS3 - Image 1EB Games has got some bold prediction coming our way: Haze, the PS3 exclusive from Free Radical, is supposedly landing on store shelves on December 4. A Kotaku source close to Ubisoft concurs with this statement, saying that it is indeed set for a release next month. But then again, until Sony does confirm this bit of news, it remains a rumor. Then, or until we really see Haze sitting atop our retailers’ shelves.

Haze for the PS3 - Image 1December 4 – or so EB Games is saying. Allegedly, that is the release date of the PlayStation 3 exclusive from Free Radical, Haze.

Kotaku says that sources close to Ubisoft does indeed confirm that it will be coming out this year, albeit some are hearing a different date – December 11. At least it seems consistent that it will be here by December.

There’s still no official word from Sony regarding this one, so of course we’d have to keep this under the rumor bin. Nonetheless, we’re sure glad there’s something to look forward to this coming holidays for the PS3, what with the already crushing disappointment of the MGS4 delay at hand.

Via Kotaku

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