Lineage 2: Hellbound preview site opens for business

Lineage 2: Hellbound preview site opens for business - Image 1We’re letting the denizens of NCSoft‘s Lineage 2 MMORPG know that a preview site for the Hellbound expansion is now open for viewing.

The site will feature a snippet of the goodies that will arrive for Hellbound, but not before treating the viewers to an adrenaline-pumping video. More details are available in the full article.

Lineage 2: H ellbound preview site opens for business - Image 1 

Can’t wait to get the 411 on Lineage 2‘s upcoming Hellbound expansion? We’re letting the fans know that NCSoft has just opened a Hellbound preview site, all ready for your viewing pleasure.

Visitors to the site will first be treated to a new teaser trailer showing off some of the new gear and skills you can expect to find in Hellbound. Just don’t mind the one-winged motif if it seems a tad familiar.

After the video, you’ll be treated to a sneak-peek of the rest of Hellbound‘s additions, including the level caps, the pets, and the transformations. The preview site’s admittedly skimpy on tech specs, though it does give visitors an eyeful for screenshots.

The Lineage 2: Hellbound Preview site should accessible via the source link below. Do visit us again here at QJ.NET in case we pick up any more info regarding the MMORPG’s latest expansion.

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