Linger in Shadows: impressive demo keeps us in the dark

Linger in Shadows - Image 1The biggest question early in 2008 would have to be: what great things are in store this year? It shouldn’t be long before that’s answered, but if you’re itching to take a peek at the future, here’s a promising demo running in real-time on the Sony PlayStation 3. Details remain scarce, though we’ve learned a few things about it. To see the mysterious “Linger in Shadows” video, hit that jump!

It’s a widely accepted fact that video game developers are yet to tap the Sony PlayStation 3’s full potential. Fortunately, new engines are surfacing to propel game development while utilizing today’s powerful machines. Another tech demo of what appears to be a specialized engine akin to Euphoria that produces realistic dynamic lighting on moving clouds and shadows is now available for everyone’s viewing. Character models were also rendered, though there’s nothing new in that department.

Titled “Linger in Shadows,” the video below seems to be the fruit of Sony Computer Entertainment’s trademarked property of the same name acquired back in November 2007. Sony’s Santa Monica Studio was credited, but according to some sources, the demo is a work of the demoscene group Plastic which name also appeared on the reel. Reportedly, it was showcased at the Breakpoint 2008 event where other demos were displayed. It is said to be a graphical demonstration of the Sony PS3 and is not intended to be a game.

According to discussions on forums regarding Breakpoint 2008, SCE actually commissioned a project to develop a playable Linger in Shadow build. We haven’t caught wind of any official announcements, but when confirmations do drop, we’re sure to keep you posted so watch this space!

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