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Lips by Microsoft - Image 1Smack those lips and clear those throats! We finally have something a little more tangible regarding Microsoft‘s supposed karaoke game, Lips, and pictures are here to shed a little more light. More information and images are all puckered up at the full article so go check ’em out.

Lips microphone - Image 1 

Tongues are still wagging as to the story that has yet to be told in Microsoft‘s Lips. What do we know so far? It’s a karaoke game that is meant to go up directly against Sony‘s SingStar. Apart from that, there’s not much to be known about this title as we’ve been told to wait until E3.

Well it seems like there seems to be some merit to that scheduled debut. As you all know, E3 starts this coming Monday, and running up to that event, we come across actual images of the said product.

From the looks of it, the images pretty much confirm the interactive microphones bit that has that creative touch of lights that “pulse to the rhythm of your voice.” It’s also been said that it’ll carry motion sensors for players to “dance, move or swing to score points.” Interesting, don’t you think?

Lips by Microsoft - Image 2 Lips by Microsoft - Image 1 

Now, before you go belting out to those some 20 songs (some reports would say it’s actually 30), know that it’s not just about lung power cause Lips is pretty strict when it comes to business. Allegedly, you’ll be scored not just based on your x-factor (or how much entertainment you can provide your friends with your vocal calisthenics – or proper lack thereof) but with the quality of your performance, taking into consideration your pitch, rhythm and tune.

But what’s got people buzzing with excitement over this title is the report that apart from the songs included in the box, you’ll actually get to play your own stash of music ripped from a CD or your iPod, as well as download tunes online for a fee. See, now that‘s interactive!

We’ll learn soon enough how much of these reports are true, and which are just wishful thinking. QJ will be having a rapid coverage of E3 so you’d best stay tuned here not only for more details on Lips, but for everything that is in and is happening in the gaming industry today. In the meantime, have your fill of the first Lips images.

Lips is developed for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 by Japanese studio iNiS, who also brought us the funky dance mission game, Elite Beat Agents. It is scheduled for release this November 2008.

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