LittleBigPlanet sequel already in the works

Sackboy geniuses - Image 1There sure is no rest for the wicked. BBC‘s Technology editor reports in his piece that Media Molecule is already hard at work on the LittleBigPlanet sequel. In fact, they’ve been at it even before the game hit shops. Talk about dedicated.

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No doubt Media Molecule has foreseen how much of a splash LittleBigPlanet will be making on the PlayStation 3. That’s why it’s also unsurprising that they’ve been working on the sequel even before the Sackboys can snuggle in comfortably in shops.

The sequel being in development has been confirmed by BBC News’ technology editor, Darren Waters, in a piece that salutes Guildford’s developing houses, Media Molecule and Lionhead Studios, for coming out with games that are distinctly British, but universal in appeal. Says Waters on the LBP sequel, “Even before the game has hit the ships, the team are already at work on a sequel.”

Anyway, we’re looking forward definitely to the said sequel, but actually, methinks I can wait for that. For now I want to enjoy the first release – which I have yet to get for myself, actually. Let’s worry about the future later. For now, let’s have fun with the now.

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Via BBC News

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