Lost: Via Domus – Wreckage exploration gameplay video

Lost: Via Domus by Ubisoft - Image 1 If you guys have been avid fans of ABC’s Lost series, well you would want to check out the wreckage exploration gameplay video we were able to grab. The 3D rendition is enough to make viewers experience feelings of unease and tension. Catch the Lost: Via Domus video after the jump!

Well, if you guys are avid fans of the gut-wrenching ABC series, Lost, chances are you guys are interested in how Ubisoft‘s rendition has turned out. Well, we won’t be describing to you how good the game looks because we actually have a video.

Ain’t this simply great? It’s another chance for you guys to catch another sneak peek on Lost: Via Domus (PC, Xbox 360, PS3). In this video, you’ll be catching a glimpse at some of the familiar faces in this Wreckage Exploration gameplay video. Even if it’s just a short video, expect the same nail-biting tension you guys experience when watching the series.

Do take note that the game has already been released last February 26, 2008. So without further ado, enjoy the video below!

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