Love is sweeter the second time around: new Memories Off 2nd screenshots

Memories Off 2nd - Image 1Fans of the whole visual novel genre may want to check out these new screenshots from Memories Off 2nd, Cyber Front‘s upcoming romantic visual novel for the Sony PlayStation Portable handheld video game system. Hit the full article for a bunch of screens featuring lots of Japanese text.

The Famitsu website has put up a bunch of new screenshots from Memories Off 2nd, a new visual novel title from Cyber Front for the Sony PlayStation Portable.

Memories Off 2nd is the second PSP entry from the Memories Off franchise. This game’s actually a romantic visual novel, as opposed to Anato wo Yurusanai‘s mystery-riddled story and plot. It involves a guy named Ken and his girlfriend, Hotaru.

It also looks like the game features full voice acting. Memories Off 2nd will also include “the first installment of the new PSP version of the same elements”. That’s what Google Translate tells us, at least.

Anyway, you can check out all the screenshots below. Play-Asia currently has Memories Off 2nd listed for a May 29 release, so you visual novel fans out there still have time to save up a bit if you want to import this title.

Memories Off 2nd screenshots - Image 1 Memories Off 2nd screenshots - Image 2 Memories Off 2nd screenshots - Image 3
Memories Off 2nd screenshots - Image 4 Memories Off 2nd screenshots - Image 5 Memories Off 2nd screenshots - Image 6

Via Famitsu

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