Lua Shell v2

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1Homebrew developer Dark_Shark recently dropped by QJ.NET’s PSP Development forum and informed us that the latest version of the homebrew shell program, Lua Shell v2, is now available for download. For more information regarding it, check out our full article after the jump.

Download: Lua Shell v2
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development forum

Screenshot of Lua Shell v2 PSP homebrew shell application - Image 1 

Developer Dark_Shark delivers yet another treat to the PlayStation Portable homebrew community with a new shell application entitled “Lua Shell v2″. This Lua-based program includes much of the same features found in similar homebrew apps while keeping the familiar XMB interface format that PSP users have grown accustomed to.

To give you a better idea of how Lua Shell v2 works, here’s a list of the program’s different menu items and a brief description of its functions:

  • Browser (NEW) (ms0, flash0, flash1, UMD drive)
    • (Open: Lua, PBP, ELF, PRX and extract Zip)
    • (Remove file and dir, Rename and Copy file)
  • MP3 Player (Bug Fixed)
  • IMG (No Updates)
  • GAME (UMD, ISO, PSX loader) (UMD USB)
  • CPU Speed (New)
  • Internet (New)
  • USB (USB, Flash0, Flash1, Flash2, Flash3)
  • Info System
  • EXIT Mode (Sleep, Exit to XMB, OFF PSP)
  • Credits
  • Help

If you’re interested in chatting with the developer on how Lua Shell v2 works, you can drop a line at the QJ.NET PSP Development forum. Also, don’t forget to read the documentation included in the file bundle for more details regarding the app.

Download: Lua Shell v2
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development forum

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