LuaStation v1.3

PSP Icon - Image 1LuaStation, that convenient application by gogy for the Sony PlayStation Portable which allows homebrew developers to code in Lua on the handheld, has been updated to version 1.3. The new release comes with improvements that should prove to be invaluable for Lua coders. Find details at the full article.

Download: LuaStation v1.3
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Homebrew Development Forum

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Homebrew development on the Sony PlayStation Portable is getting much easier thanks to developer gogy, who just updated his LuaStation to version 1.3 with around a dozen of improvements.

For those who haven’t been following this nifty homebrew application, LuaStation allows users to program in Lua on the PSP to develop software for the handheld. Here’s the changelog for version 1.3:

  • Complete color customization of the GUI.
  • Colored code syntax.
  • Display line numbers, or a scroll bar.
  • Auto-complete for common functions in text entry.
  • Auto-help, displays function descriptions and data types.
  • Features for text manipulation (select multiple lines, copy, paste, etc)
  • Features for navigation (Top, bottom, PgUp, PgDown, Home, End, goto line)
  • Test scripts from within the editor.
  • Edit scripts in Hex.
  • Customizable key shortcuts for editor controls.
  • RAM management.

Keep in mind that you need the Lua Player to run LuaStation. For smoother installation, be sure to check the Readme file. Doing so will allow you to learn what features LuaPlayer has in store which gogy continues to improve on.

Download: LuaStation v1.3
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Homebrew Development Forum

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