Luigi Sokoban v1

Luigi Sokoban v1 - Image 1We’re letting the readers know that developer DarkM has released Luigi Sokoban v1.0 for the Sony PlayStation Portable. Wondering just what sort of game sokoban is? Visit the full article for the rest of the details!

Download: Luigi Sokoban v1.0

Luigi Sokoban v1 - Image 1Developer DarkM has recently announce the release of  Luigi Sokoban for the Sony PlayStation Portable. As you guys may have guessed from its title, this is actually a homebrew game based on the traditional sokoban puzzle, created by Hiroyuki Imabayashi back in 1980.

The goal of Sokoban is for the player to put several boxes into designated locations in the game. Players can’t move more than one box at a time, nor can they pull them. DarkM’s version of this classic game will be using Luigi to pull off the tasks. Here’s a rundown of the controls:

  • X: Start the game
  • Circle: Return to the menu
  • Triangle: Reset the stage
  • D-Pad: Control Luigi

Given that this is a version 1.0 release, we advise the readers to be on the lookout for bugs. Those interested in reading further regarding Luigi Sokoban will want to visit the  author’s release thread, via the source link below.

Download: Luigi Sokoban v1.0

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