M2E developing phone charger powered by motion

M2E says it will deliver cellphone-charging motion power device in 2009 - Image 1Imagine a charger you don't have to plug into a wall socket; all you need to do is put it in your bag, and let it charge in the background with just the power of motion. That means you can charge your gadgets anytime, anywhere (maybe not in the bathtub though). No more worrying about your gadgets running out of power. That's the idea behind M2E's new technology. Details in the full article.

M2E says it will deliver cellphone-charging motion power device in 2009 - Image 1This is one gadget I'd definitely buy if it comes out, thinking on all those times my cellphone ran out of power when I'm nowhere near my charger.

The company M2E (short for Motion 2 Energy) has reported that it has developed a new device that charges electronic gadgets with motion.

The idea is to place the charger in your bag. The device will charge in the background as you move around with your bag. Once fully charged, the device can pack enough punch to recharge a phone, as fast as an AC outlet could.

The charger contains coils and magnets that stores energy in a lithium ion battery when experiencing motion. If you're not the type who likes to move around though, the charger can also store energy from your everyday wall socket.

The company is now looking into applications with hybrid and electric cars. As for the charger, we might not see it for a while yet, as it's still in the design and development stage. Hopefully, it will come out sometime next year.

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