MAG: Massive Action Game first in-game screenshot

PS3 - Image 1Sony and Zipper certainly got people talking when they revealed their humongous action game, MAG. With a promise of up to 256 players duking it out in a single map, there is no room for doubt that this will indeed quite a party. But details have been sparse so far, so to make up for that, Sony’s released an actual screenshot of the game running on the PS3. You’ll find it after the jump.

MAG: Massive Action Game - Image 1 

A lot of people certainly perked up in their seats when Sony announced their new “Massive Action Game” for the PS3, MAG, at their recently-concluded E3 2008 keynote.

For those of you who missed this bit of news, MAG, as it is aptly called, promises to bring the meaning of HUGE to an entirely new level. That’s because the said game will have a whopping 256 players divided into teams of eight to fight free-for-all in one humongous map.

There have been some concerns raised, though, given such a large quantity of players having a go at each other all in one time. Many of them revolve around lags and exactly just how soon can you enjoy the game when you need to look for 255 people more to play with or against you.

In response, Sony has reassured fans via its blog that although it is massive, it is an action shooter at its core.

You can run around and shoot enemies, throw grenades, and drive vehicles just like any other shooter except with MAG you’ll do it with up to 255 players. The team at Zipper was one of the pioneers of online gaming on consoles with SOCOM franchise and they’ve used this knowledge to create a brand new server architecture to make an original game like MAG possible.

Alright, we’ll have to trust Zipper Interactive’s experience with online gaming, then. I mean, SOCOM really is street cred right there. Anyway, the team cannot as of yet reveal more details and information pertaining to the game. But they do have an in-game screenshot for us to look at in the meantime. This is the first of them all, and we say it does leave a good impression.

It’s gonna be a bloodbath.

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