Majesco Entertainment announces Our House for the Wii

House - Image 1After cooking with the Wii console, what’s the next fun household chore to perform with the Nintendo Wii? Why, building a house of course, and Majesco Entertainment‘s upcoming title, Our House, will show you just how fun home building is. Details in the full article.

Hammer and Nail - Image 1Most gamers already have experience with cooking with the Nintendo Wii, but cooking is not the only household chore that can prove to be a fun task using the waggly console.

In the upcoming title Our House, budding home designers can build their dream home, and share it with other people online.

In Our House, gamers can shop for their virtual home’s raw materials in the Home Store, then start to build using the Wii remote to perform tasks such as hammering, sawing, painting, among others. Our House also has a four-player build-off mode (over Wii Connect 24) as well as a Neighborhood Mode.

Our House will be released by Majesco during this year’s holiday season.

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