Manticore, Sister Psyche wedding now in CoH comic book

The security outfit for the wedding of Manticore and Sister Psyche in CoH - Image 1People love to preserve memories of important events in their lives, be it by photograph, recording or…comic book. Which is why the wedding of Manticore and Sister Psyche, super heroes from NCsoft‘s City of Heroes, has been immortalized on comic book format. More comic relief follows after the jump.

The blessed wedding between Manticore and Sister Psyche in CoH - Image 1Chances are you’ll have trouble finding a wedding these days that doesn’t have some photographer recording the whole event. Given the recent exchange of marital vows between Manticore and Sister Psyche in City of Heroes (CoH), it’s only fitting that NCsoft preserve the event for posterity’s sake – in comic book form.

Interestingly enough, the comic book itself is a product of another kind of union – a marriage between the creative talents of the City of Heroes team and those of comic book creator ChaseArcanum.

The good news is that both the comic book and the transcript of Manticore’s and Sister Psyche’s wedding vows are available for free on the NCsoft’s City of Heroes community site. If you’d like to view them, the source link below will take you there in a jiffy.

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