Marc Whitten: most users will not notice any significant dashboard changes this Spring

Xbox 360 - Image 1 A lot of us may be expecting a hefty Spring update for the Xbox 360 – thanks in no small part to that rumored list of new stuff we reported about a couple of weeks back – but it looks like this year’s update might be a bit on the smaller and less easy to spot side. Details from Xbox Live manager Marc Whitten at the full article.

Xbox 360 - Image 1Remember that rumored list of features slated for the Xbox 360 Spring update? Remember how Microsoft gave out the stock “we don’t comment on rumors and speculation” answer when asked about it?

Well, Xbox Live manager Marc Whitten has finally said something a bit more… substantial about the whole thing, stating that “most users will not notice any significant changes to the dashboard this spring”. That pretty much debunks the already-debunked list even further, since the rumored list was pretty chunky.

Instead of a beefy Spring update, Microsoft will be releasing a new DRM tool that’ll allow Xbox Live users to “better consolidate [their] licenses for downloaded content to a single Xbox”. This DRM tool is due out this June, so any updates to the Dashboard – however small them may be – will also probably come out at around the same time.

Via Next-Gen

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