Mark Nau on The Incredible Hulk and the videogame industry

Edge of Reality logo - Image 1Wondering how the new superhero video game adaptation starring the “Green Goliath” is going to turn out? In an interview conducted by Ripten, Mark Nau, Creative Director of Edge of Reality, talks about the upcoming The Incredible Hulk game, as well as his views on the video game industry today.

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Poster of The Incredible Hulk movie - Image 1Clearly nobody wants to mess Edge of Reality‘s Creative Director Mark Nau. Considering he’s working on the next The Incredible Hulk video game, he said that he’s one guy that nobody wants to see angry. This was what he said in an interview conducted by Ripten about the upcoming game and his views on the video game industry.

Already having worked on the Spider-Man video game adaptations, working on another game of the same genre wasn’t new to Nau. He relates his excitement with the new project and how gamers will want to get into the green Goliath’s shoes in this newest game starring The Hulk.

He even tipped his hat to the 2003 video game of the same name made by Radical Entertainment. Nau mentions that they took a lot of lessons from the previous Incredible Hulk game and are looking into making improvements on the new one when it’s released in June.

According to Nau, The Incredible Hulk game will cater to a lot of different play styles. The game will be set in an open city, with similarities to sandbox type game. He had this to comment on the gameplay gamers can expect to see:

WeÂ’re trying to accommodate a lot of play styles. If someone just wants to stick to the main path, and experience the big movie moments and major storylines, thatÂ’s cool. If they want to just wander around smashing stuff and fighting guys, weÂ’ll do that too, and make it challenging and rewarding.

Nau also took the time to comment on his stand on video game violence. He considers violence in video games a “useful tool” and while there’s nothing inherently wrong with it, convincing people to stop using that tool can be a little over the top.

He ended the interview with some friendly advice to all aspiring game developers out there. Nau said that potential game designers should willingly put whatever games they have in mind in front of other people and find out what it’s like for them. Also, dev teams should also concentrate on knowing their specific roles so that they can fully utilize the team’s skills and assets in whatever project they want to tackle.

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