Mark Rein: mods to play major role in Unreal Tournament 3 on 360

Unreal Tournament 3 - Image 1Speculations are rampant as Epic Games and Midway Games prepare to bring Unreal Tournament 3 to the Microsoft Xbox 360. While there are still uncertainties to how the first-person shooter will perform on the console, Epic head honcho Mark Rein was at least able to confirm that user mods are in. Head over to the full article for more details.

Unreal Tournament 3 Cloud mod - Image 1Since its inception, Mark Rein made it clear that one of the deciding factors of developing Unreal Tournament 3 for the Sony PlayStation 3 is its online infrastructure which allows easy access to mods. Now that Midway and Epic Games‘ frantic first-person shooter is almost set to explode on the Microsoft Xbox 360, Rein is saying mods may actually come to the console after all.

During the Midway Gamers’ Day event (the epicenter of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe‘s earth shattering reveal), Epic’s head honcho said user-generated content for Unreal Tournament 3 on 360 is not out of the question. To quoute:

We know some of these great mods are going to play a role on Xbox 360, even if we have to get some people and bring them over ourselves. We’ll figure it out.

Unfortunately, Rein did clarify user mods won’t be included when Unreal Tournament 3 launches on the console. There are talks between Epic and Microsoft, but no confirmation of mods being distributed for free or purchasable by Microsoft Points like other downloadable content on the platform.


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