Mark Rein: UT3 can run in 1080 if there’s nothing else going on

Unreal Tournament 3 - Image 1Epic GamesMark Rein sure loves ’em interviews, and here’s another one in which he sheds some light on Unreal Tournament 3 and running the hectic first-person shooter in 720 for “a super rich experience with really high levels of detail on the graphics.” Head over to the full article for more details.

Mark Rein from Epic Games - Image 1Epic GamesUnreal Tournament 3 should be in European shelves soon, and to boot, Mark Rein shared a few words about the popular first-person shooter’s version on the Sony PlayStation 3. According to Epic’s main man, he’s not certain when UT3 will go to Microsoft‘s Xbox 360- 1080p is achievable on Sony’s console, and Warfare mode is what players should be looking at.

Aside from the usual talk of going PS3 exclusive because of its versatile PlayStation Network, Rein admitted that Epic decided to go 720p for a “super rich experience with really high levels of detail on the graphics; to really push the bar up there and do that.” It’s not impossible to go 1080p, however, since “there are levels that will run inside 1080 if thereÂ’s nothing else going on in them.” He also said user-generated content can run on that high resolution.

He continued, “if our goal was 1080 we couldnÂ’t have achieved that. Just because itÂ’s all about the trade-offs. ItÂ’s the same thing with UT. Our goal is to have a really fast, smooth experience.” Rein explained that it’s not about frame rates since devs could’ve just coded UT3 differently if they wanted the game to run in 1080, and it’s possible to make a UT style game at 1080 on PS3 in the future.

Unreal Tournament 3‘s Warfare mode, which combined elements of the Onslaught and Assault modes to create something large-scale that involves numerous players capturing nodes, is what Rein calls “the showcase mode for the game.” He went on to say how successful Onslaught was, which turned out to be the result of the developers’ attempt to simplify the game and concentrate on making great, super-fun modes.

For the entire interview posted on the ThreeSpeech blog, click on the link below.

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