Mass Effect 2: possible timed exclusive, PC version confirmed

Mass Effect sequel to be timed exclusive? - Image 1Mass Effect may be a Windows-platform exclusive now, but it seems that the PlayStation 3 might be getting a piece of the space action when the sequel comes out. BioWare has revealed that Mass Effect 2 is likely to be a timed exclusive. That and more in the full article.

Mass Effect sequel to be timed exclusive? - Image 1 

Tensions are running high between the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, after the news that the Sony console outsold Microsoft‘s last month. This latest news could only add to the fire: BioWare has revealed that the sequel to Mass Effect, is likely to be a timed exclusive.

The news comes from BioWare’s senior manager, Matt Atwood. Although he wasn’t totally solid on his statement, it’s still a pretty clear suggestion that the studio is open to the idea for Mass Effect‘s sequel to appear on the PlayStation 3:

I believe we’ll be Xbox 360 exclusive for at least a short period of time. We’re still working out the details on that, but we’ve had a great relationship with Microsoft and done very well.

On that note, PC gamers would be glad to know that Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PC as well (no ifs or buts there). BioWare is unclear whether it will be released along with the console version, but they did say it will be released “as quickly as possible.”

The game’s become so popular that even analyst Michael Pachter had a say in the matter. He reasons out that Electronic Arts (which acquired BioWare earlier this year) is fond of multiplatform games, and so he “wouldn’t be shocked” if the game came to the PS3.

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