Mazzee II v1.0b4 – most bugs fixed

Mazzee II v1.0b4 - most bugs fixed - Image 1Mazzee II is a homebrew game that has the objective of guiding a smiley through a maze in outer space. The trick lies in the maze itself that doesn’t come with walls so you can technically fall into oblivion.

Since the first release of this particular game, many revisions and additions has been implemented by the coder. To know more about these changes, check out the full article via the “read more” link below.

Download: Mazzee II v1.0b4
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forum

Mazzee II v1.0b4 - most bugs fixed - Image 1 Mazzee II v1.0b4 - most bugs fixed - Image 2 


Homebrew developer Leo28C dropped by QJ.NET PSP Development Forum and released an updated build of game Mazzee II, bumping it up to version 1.0b4. Just like the name implies, this particular creation is about finding your way out a maze.

However, Mazzee is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, it is very much challenging especially with the inertia-based smiley facing the danger of falling out in space due to the fact that the maze itself doesn’t come with walls.

While the coder wasn’t able to provide a changelog for this version, he posted a brief explanation over at our forum about the changes done to Mazzee II:

I’ve been beta testing and found out the game has more bugs than what I had taken into account. For example, on level 9, there’s a jewel there’s no way you can get to.

And it gets slower on each level that passes, but I already figured out a way to highly optimize that, and am working on it now. Beta 3 is out! I fixed the most annoying bugs, I think that’s all of them.

Mazzee II v1.0b4 comes with its own Readme.txt file that should provide you with important information like the keymap when playing this game.

Download: Mazzee II v1.0b4
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forum

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