Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 discount at Amazon

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 - Image 1Now’s your chance to jump the gun if you haven’t secured a copy of Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 for the Nintendo Wii. Amazon is offering a big-time 34% discount! Don’t worry about Wi-fi problems; EA has solved that one well. Bring this baby home by heading over to the full article where a shortcut and more details await.

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 - Image 1 

If you’ve missed the release of Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 last November for the Nintendo Wii, now is the best time to get that game with guns blazing. Amazon has just slashed 34% from the first-person World War II shooter game. That means from US$ 49.99, the game is now yours for US$ 32.99.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 puts you in the shoes of OSS Operative Lt. John Berg as you work your way through seven missions while the Battle of Cherbourg is ensuing. Electronic Arts Canada has also included three different online multiplayer modes to make sure the fun doesn’t stop there.

A few months back, lack of Wi-fi support has been reported especially in Australia. However, EA has already taken care of that. So try to take advantage of this good deal while supplies last.

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