Meet Sensei, an unlockable character in Omega Five: video and screenshots

Omega Five's Sensei - Image 1Omega Five, Natsume and Hudson Entertainment‘s upcoming downloadable shooter for the Microsoft Xbox 360, has quite the unlockable characters, and we get up close and personal with one of them. He may be old fashioned – he uses a katana to cut down foes, a stark contrast to the high-tech armaments of his fellow comrades – but Sensei’s just as deadly. Let’s take a look at what the go-to guy of the Omega Five team can do.

Check out some Sensei info, screenshots, and  trailer after the jump!

Sensei in Omega Five - Image 1

Here’s another update about the upcoming downloadable shooter from Natsume, Omega Five, and this time it’s about one of the characters you’ll be able to unlock. With a drastically-different weapon set that demands a completely new way of blowing up foes comes Sensei, the katana-wielding master and the wisest member of the Omega Five group. Let’s see how we’ll be able to use him to devastating efficiency as soon as the game becomes available for download on Xbox Live this month.

So, what makes Sensei stand out among his comrades? The fact that he doesn’t have firearms. Yep, Sensei uses a heavy-duty katana to dispense the destruction. That doesn’t mean he’s any weaker than his gun-toting colleagues, as a slash of his blade can not only damage enemies, but also break apart enemy fire.

Of course, since Omega Five is a straight-up shooter, Sensei has his own share of projectiles, and through the help of his dog Rikimaru, he’ll be able to pepper his enemies with three different sets – namely bombs, throwing knives, and shurikens. Add to that the requisite Dimensional Field and Ultimate Burst abilities that all of the Omega Five have, and you’ve got yourself a solid character that plays differently, but kicks the same amount of ass all the same. In the meantime, check him out in action via the screenshots and video below.

Sensei in Omega Five - Image 1Sensei in Omega Five - Image 2Sensei in Omega Five - Image 3Sensei in Omega Five - Image 4
Sensei in Omega Five - Image 5Sensei in Omega Five - Image 6Sensei in Omega Five - Image 7

Sensei in Omega Five - Image 8Sensei in Omega Five - Image 9

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