MegaETk source code released

Nintendo DS - Image 1We’ve waited for a long time for an update to ETk‘s Nintendo DS homebrew gem MegaETk, but as it turns out, the homebrew developer had already dropped the project. But don’t despair! ETk just released the source code for the game. leaving anybody interested free to pick up the game and continue the project. More details in the full article.

Download: MegaETk (source code)

MegaETk - Image 1Remember homebrew developer ETk‘s epic MegaETk game? Yes, that’s the game that we haven’t heard from ever since its last release, which was about more than a year ago. 

We thought it was forgotten, but as it turns out, ETk just happened to drop the project before the game was more or less completed.

Many interested DS owners who wanted to play MegaETk but had difficulties in doing so ket on asking for the addition of DLDI support.

Well, since coder ETk already left the project the homebrew developer won’t be doing that, but instead made the source code of MegaETk available for anyone interested in reviving the project.

Here are ETk’s notes to whoever picks up the game:

  • You will probably have to port MegaETk to latest PAlib version (I’m sure it won’t work with actual.. megaetk was created with an old PAlib version, which was new in it’s creation)
  • Game had a encryption for saves, I removed it before releasing to public because the person who gave me the code didn’t want it public. (Removed encryuption/decryption lines, it may or not work.. it should work)
  • If you want to add any more monsters, you can use the tools I’ve added (after drawing it), you will have to recompile the ‘Event Editor’ if you want to add it in your own level (visual studio 200X(3?)).
  • DLDI Support needs: update fatlib and fix PAlib changes (it won’t compile in latest version, something shouldn’t be working now in the game with that).
  • Good luck!

If you’re going to pick up the source code for MegaETk, chances are you probably know what you’re doing already. You can refer to the accompanying readme note, however, if you need any reference.

Download: MegaETk (source code)

Via ETk

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