Metallic Rose DS going solo, celebrities tapped for endorsement

Metallic Rose DS - Image 1There’s some good news for you if you ever wanted a Metallic Rose Nintendo DS but Nintendogs wasn’t quite your cup of tea. The rumor that the color variant of the handheld going solo has been confirmed, and it’ll enjoy a nice advertising run with a few female celebrities. More after the jump.

Liv Tyler as Arwen in LotR - Image 1It was recently rumored that the Metallic Rose Nintendo DS may soon come as a stand-alone product. Via press release, Nintendo now confirms this report and reveals that some celebrities will help endorse the palette.

Starting Monday, May 19, America Ferrera and Carrie Underwood will be endorsing the Metallic Rose DS in commercials across the US. Liv Tyler, on the other hand, will start having commercials of her and the two-tone crimson/black DS shown later in the month.

The Metallic Rose DS was originally introduced as part of a bundle that included hit Nintendogs variants. This time, Nintendo decided to make the color a part of its regular line-up.

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