MGS4 hits almost half a million in Japan; PS3 sales increase 700%

PS3 - Metal Gear Solid 4 - Konami - Image 1Solid Snake sure packs quite a hefty punch! The sales figures for MGS4‘s first four days in Japan have been tallied, and already, the game is being hailed as the best selling PS3 title. Talk about epic proportions: even the PS3’s hardware sales have been boosted! Previous weeks had PS3 hardwares sales hovering around the 10,000 mark, but now, its experienced a substantial spike like no other. Continue to the full article to check out Solid Snake’s moment of epic win!

PS3 - Metal Gear Solid 4 - Konami - Image 1

How popular is Hideo Kojima‘s baby in Japan? Well, if launch week sales figures are enough to go by, then you’re probably looking at the grand daddy (sans the accelerated aging, of course) of them all. Solid Snake‘s last mission is made up of epic win!

Famitsu reports the sales figures of Metal Gear Solid 4, for the four-day period of the game on retail from June 12 to 15 in Japan. Tally up those score sheets, because Guns of the Patriots clocks at 476,334 copies sold. This number encompasses all versions of the game (i.e. the regular edition, special edition, and the two PS3 bundles).

Doing the math, that’s about over a hundred thousand copies sold per day. And to think,  all of this despite MGS4‘s launch events being cancelled in Tokyo.

With MGS4‘s first week’s sales (let alone just four days of its first week!), Konami‘s powerhouse has already achieved the title of being the best selling PS3 game in Japan.

Now, here’s another thing that’s quite interesting: PS3 hardware sales have likewise gone up. If Media Create‘s report last week had 10,856 PS3 units sold (with almost every week prior to that wavering anywhere around the 10k-mark), this week, the numbers from Enterbrain have revealed a 700% boost in PS3 sales.

For the period of June 9 to 15, the PS3 has sold 77,208 units! Now that’s one heck of a solid snake spike! Last week, based on Media Create’s numbers, the top-notcher was the PSP at 62,016. Clearly, the PS3 has indeed surpassed hardware sales of all the other consoles for the week.

So come check back on us in a few days when we get the final tally of hardware and software sales across all the platforms in Japan. You guys can probably already assume who will be on top.

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