Microsoft: Gears of War 2 four player co-op unconfirmed

Gears of War 2  - Image 1If you caught word around the Web that Gears of War 2 may have a four player co-op mode, you might be a bit disappointed with what we’ve heard from Microsoft. There was apparently a bit of confusion in CliffyB’s statements from a recent interview, so we’d all have to hold our bets for now. Details and clarifications in the full article next up.

Gears of War 2 - Image 1There’s been some confusion as of late as to whether or not Epic GamesGears of War 2 will have a four player co-op mode for us to enjoy when the game finally hits. The rumor seemed to stem from a GameSpot interview where the game’s creative director Cliff Bleszinski‘s statements were apparently misunderstood.

To clear things up, IGN contacted Microsoft and asked if there was any truth behind the buzz. The company stayed away from anything close to a confirmation, and said that CliffyB was indeed misquoted by some.

“We have not confirmed the number of players in the Gears of War 2 co-op campaign mode,” said Microsoft through a representative. “Cliff’s remarks in a recent GameSpot interview are being misconstrued.”

IGN Further explained that the point of confusion came when CliffyB said the words “co-op’s drop-in, drop-out, multiple difficulty settings for co-op players.” It so happened that the word “for” in that sentence was “four.”

We suppose that should douse the excitement for now. Don’t worry, though. We’re sure that with or without four player co-op, the game would still rock. If you’re not a believer, get a look back at its first gameplay trailer and see what we mean.


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