Microsoft to cut prices, prompt PC users in upgrading to Vista

Microsoft Vista - Image 1Those waiting for the “right time” before upgrading to Microsoft‘s newest operating system, the Windows Vista may find the right moment real soon. The software mogul has announced its plans to slash the price of their slightly-pricey Vista OS, which applies to every edition of the OS. More details in the full article.

Microsoft logo - Image 1In an attempt to prompt more PC users to upgrade into Vista, Microsoft is now planning to slash the quite-pricey Vista’s retail price to make it more accessible to consumers. This move to lower Microsoft Vista prices is scheduled to be carried out alongside the launching of Vista’s Service Pack 1.

Microsoft also revealed the discounted prices that will be applied on the different versions of Microsoft’s latest operating system. Windows Vista Ultimate, which is currently priced at US $399, will have it’s price slashed down to only US$ 319.

The upgrade version of Vista will cost only US$ 219, from its original price of US$ 259. For those planning to buy Vista Home Premium, the home edition enjoy a discounted price of US$ 129, from its original US$ 159 retail price.

The aforementioned price slashing will be applicable in over 70 countries. In emerging markets, however, Microsoft will not sell the upgrade version of Vista since it will be the first genuine Windows purchase for most customers in those areas.

Via Reuters

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