Microsoft to email missing Fable 2 DLC codes

Fable 2 - Image 1Microsoft has put up a Fable 2 support page on where those who bought a copy of the Fable 2 LCE that didn’t come with a DLC voucher card can log in with their Windows LIVE ID and ask Microsoft to email them their DLC codes. The site says the codes will be sent out within five working days, but there seems to be a bit of a problem with the timeframe. More in the full article.

Fable 2 LCE - Image 1

Fable 2 has had a bit of a rocky launch. For one, a lot of copies of the Lionhead game’s Limited Collector’s Edition got shipped sans the free DLC voucher card, which would have let gamers unlock the Fable 2 Master Chief armor.

At first, Microsoft directed those affected to call their support line, but now they’ve also put up a Fable 2 support page on There, affected gamers can log in with their Windows LIVE ID and Microsoft will email them their DLC codes within five working days. The offer expires on December 31.

It’s a good move on Microsoft’s part. Thing is, after you enter your Windows LIVE ID the timeframe suddenly changes to 10 business days. What’s the deal here, Microsoft?

Thanks to Mutt182 for the tip!

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