Mirror’s Edge producer on first person view for Mirror’s Edge: We want you to be connected to Faith

Faith Mirror's Edge - Image 1Are you one of those people still not sold on the idea of a freerunning game like Mirror’s Edge (PS3 and Xbox 360, PC) being made from a first person perspective? Nick Channon expounds further on why they decided to give you access to Faith’s world through her own eyes. Read up on what he has to say about the matter at the full article.

Mirror's Edge in third person - Image 1Despite the many good press releases on EA DICE’s Mirror’s Edge (PS3 and Xbox 360, PC) there are still some people who are not sold on the idea of it being made from a first person perspective.

Nick Channon, producer of the unique action title, responds to this issue in an interview, as well as talk about other components of the game and its development such as storyline, controls, color design, and mimicking life.

On the issue of using the first person perspective, he says that what motivated them to do it wsa that they’ve done a lot of first person work. Given their vast experience in the genre, they then wanted to expand it into something more, develop something more urban, something that was all about movement.

I think we wanted to make something that’s different. You make, actually, more connection when you’re controlling them in that first person, we feel.

We think it’s really cool, the way you get glimpses of Faith in the game world: You see her in reflections, you see her in shadow, and I think that gives a really nice feel to the game. Obviously, in the storytelling we do, you see Faith, but we actually show her in a different way, so it’s 2D, more cartoon animation.

Speaking of connection with the character, doesn’t using the first person perspective dilute that connection? Especially for a game that involves that much movement – jumping off rooftops, swinging from ladders, skidding down stairs – wouldn’t it have been better if the gamers actually see what Faith is doing?

Channon says believes it’s just a matter of the gamers getting used to seeing action games in third person. But that’s exactly what they wanted to separate themselves from.

… [T]he fact that you’re playing through the eyes of Faith; as soon as you get to third person, you would be watching Faith, whereas we want you to be connected to her.

The analogy we give is ‘being in an action movie, instead of playing it,’ and I think that’s more rewarding. And I think, also, we wanted to create something very fresh, and it’s been a challenge, but we’re really pleased with where we are.

For more of what Nick Channon had to say about the game, feel free to read the whole transcript of the interview via the source link below.

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