Monster Lab: combat, challenges video

Monster Lab: combat, challenges video - Image 1Curious to know how Backbone Entertainment‘s upcoming Monster Lab looks like in action? Well, we were able to grab a fresh new video that shows off the things that can be expected from the game like the challenges and fights. Catch the video after the jump!

Curious to know what a spiny crab, a horned skull, and a platter have in common? Well, these three are some of the things that can be used in creating your own personal dueling monster in Backbone Entertainment‘s monster RPG, Monster Lab.

In this video that we have for you, the developers have been able to show off some of the gameplay details for this game such as the combats that you have to face and the challenges that await adventurers.

Throughout the game, players will have to collect primary and secondary ingredients in order to bring to life a brand new monster. To get ingredients, players must engage themselves with mini-game challenges and fights with other monsters.

Well, to know what we’re talking about, feel free to press play in the video below and enjoy.

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