More Folklore add-on packs revealed

New costumes in the mail - Image 1When you grow tired of seeing Ellen in the same costumes, you can check out Game Republic‘s latest offering of add-on packs for Folklore which are due to appear on PSN soon. New Folks and costumes for the Sony  PlayStation 3 title are coming, and you can know more all about it by heading over to the full article.

Folklore's Ellen - Image 1If Game Republic‘s holiday freebies weren’t enough, you won’t have to wait long before new downloadable content for the Sony PlayStation 3 title Folklore go live on the PlayStation Network. Add-on packs #3 and #4 will be offering new Folks and costumes for fans who want to play dress-up with Ellen.

Titled “The Alchemist Pack,” add-on number three will put the heroine in another series of quests to find her mother in Undersea City. The Scarab Folk is there to help, which abilities you have to discover by playing the game. To boot, Ellen also gets a new purple costume.

The fourth update, “The Origin of Belgae,” is all about Ellen once more as four new Netherworld quests open up. She’ll be aided by the Folk Radian that attacks with its stretching arms. Ellen can wear the skimpy Cloak of the Deep for good measure.

Like its previous add-ons, Folklore‘s new goodies will be available for US$ 3.99 per pack or US$ 5.99 for the bundle. They’re supposed to be available soon, and we’re sure to keep our eyes peeled to keep you updated. You can check out the images below to have a fairly good idea of what to expect.

Folklore DLC - Image 1 Folklore DLC - Image 2 Folklore DLC - Image 3 Folklore DLC - Image 4

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