More layoffs – Brash Entertainment sacks 20

Axe - Image 1Another publisher is forced to lay people off due to the current economic standing of the gaming industry. Brash Entertainment had to sack 20 people across the org chart to reduce costs and maintain a survivable standing. More in the full article.

Brash Entertainment - Image 1 Lay-offs and cutbacks seem to be the trend in the gaming industry as of late as Brash Entertainment sacks 20 people across the org chart due to “the current tough economic landscape.”

They will, however, hand severance and extended benefits to those who lost their jobs. Brash has put out the following the statement:

Citing the current tough economic landscape, Brash Entertainment has confirmed the company has instituted a strategic cost reduction plan that will see the elimination of over 20 positions across multiple departments

Others who’ve made similar responses to the economy include Electronic Arts, Sony, and THQ is planning to do the same. The times are tough, especially for those who lost their jobs, let’s just hope that at the very least, games still come out good and some measure of good will come from these lay-offs.

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