Motorstorm 2 title tweaked?

Motorstorm - Image 1We all thought that the sequel to PlayStation 3 hit MotorStorm will be titled Motorstorm: Pacifica, but we might have another thing coming as a slight change seems to have been made. The essence, however, should remain the same. The news bit awaits after the jump.

Motorstorm - Image 1We know that the sequel to one of the Sony PlayStation 3’s best-selling games, MotorStorm, is coming this Fall. As early as now, we’re seeing signs of what the second coming’s title will be. However, there seems to have been some slight changes.

It’s still unconfirmed, but sources close to Evolution Studios are calling the game Motorstorm: Pacific Rift now. Does this mean that earlier news of the sequel being called Motorstorm: Pacifica is moot? We’ll find out soon, but as long as there’s still off-road tracks and monster trucks to be driven, this one ought to be a blast just the same.

The first Motorstorm enjoyed nice commercial and critical reception as it launched with the emerging PlayStation 3 platform. Will Pacific Rift replicate its big brother‘s story? With 16-player online races and four-player split-screen, it has a good shot of doing so.

Via Gamespot

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