MS email reveals Resident Evil 5 release year, 360 exclusives

Resident Evil Capcom  - Image 1Now that it’s the start of the year 2008, corporate bigwigs are now doling out some pep to make sure their employees stay happy and motivated for the rest of the year. In Microsoft‘s case, the internal pep email not only gave some dose of hot-blooded motivation, but also a peek at what’s to come, such as Resident Evil 5 (PS3, Xbox 360). Details in the full article!

Resident Evil 5 Capcom - Image 1In every start of the year, its not uncommon for corporate bigwigs to deliver a pep talk – or in this case, a pep e-mail – to rouse the energies of their workforce. And when Microsoft gaming executive Don Mattrick sent a motivational email to the staff, not only did they get to have their dose of pep, but clued careful readers in on what to expect this year. Check out this excerpt taken from Microsoft’s internal email:

In 2008 the hits will continue to come with exclusives including “Halo Wars,” “Too Human,” “Fable 2,” Alan Wake,” “Splinter Cell: Conviction,” and several exciting yet-to-be-announced titles. Xbox 360 will be home to the next versions of great franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil, and we will continue to be the leading choice for sports fans, with the next editions of Madden and FIFA looking and playing better on our platform.

So what does this snippet mean? A lot of things. One is that the email practically confirms that Resident Evil 5 (PS3, Xbox 360) will be released this year, and that we won’t have to wait until 2010 to blow out some zombie brains.

The mention of a few other titles coming this year, such as Halo Wars, Too Human, Alan Wake (for the Xbox 360 and PC), Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360 and Games for Windows), and Fable 2, is also very welcome.

In another interesting note, Mattrick also said in the email that he believes that Xbox 360 will come out as the winner in the console wars at the end of this year.

Via Tech Talk Blog

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