MyPSP Robotics v4.4.5 – MyEye with GOCR

MyPSP Robotics v4.4.5 - MyEye with GOCR - Image 1Since the introduction of the MyEye module for MyPSP Robotics, a ton of interesting new features dawned upon ccpspita, Italian PSP homebrew developer, for the Sony PlayStation Portable robot project. This time is no different, and the homebrew developer plopped a tasty addition to MyPSP Robotics version 4.4.5: GOCR support. More on this sweet optical character recognition feat at the full story.

Download: MyPSP Robotics v4.4.5 – MyEye with GOCR

MyPSP Robotics v4.4.5 - MyEye with GOCR - Image 1 

MyPSP Robotics is now at version 4.4.5, and it packs GOCR support for its MyEye module allowing it to “read” text. PSP homebrew developer ccpspita is pulling out all the stops to the Sony PlayStation Portable robot’s visual input comprehension abilities and now aims to allow the PSP robot to turn texts in images into readable text and computable text.

GOCR is a GNU publicly licensed optical character recognition program from Jörg Schulenburg, and it converts certain high-resolution images to text if the image carries recognizable text in it. ccpspita hopes to make the PSP robot not only intelligent with the OpenMIND Knowledge Database, but also make it read signs, books, and even PDF files viewed on a clear screen. And with voice synthesis, it’ll read the text out loud to you. Now how’s that for ambition?

In order to test the the new OCR feature, you’ll have to prime yourself with the essentials of the process. There’s a dedicated note for this, plus other notes for the other features of MyEye and OpenMIND. You should take care to read the main Readme first, however, so that you can properly install MyPSP Robotics version 4.4.5 to your PSP Slim & Lite.

Download: MyPSP Robotics v4.4.5 – MyEye with GOCR
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