Myst DS dated for North America

Myst DS coming to North America - Image 1 Yes, point and click adventurers. One of the bestselling video games Myst, will be coming DS-flavored to North America and it’s coming in March 2008. Check out the full article for more info.

Myst DS coming to North America - Image 1For those of us who love point and click mysteries, word about Myst for the DS coming to North America is definitely good news. Empire Interactive has just announced that the said video game is coming to these shores in March 2008.

Like the European version of Myst (which was released last December), the NA release will also sport the new age called Rime Age, remastered video, a new soundtrack, and enhanced gameplay via the handheld’s touch screen. Also, you’ll be able to use new tools which will hopefully help you in your adventures as the Stranger: magnifying glass, camera, notebook, and map.

Mark your calendars adventure lovers. Myst (also on PSP) will certainly entertain – and frustrate, maybe – for hours on end.

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