Myth: iPhone 16 to function ‘ design modifications’ for Face ID

Apple is reportedly changing the Face ID design this year for the iPhone 16 line. Apple’s supply-chain partners are already feeling the impact of this change, although details are scarce. The Telegraph is the original source, as MacRumors has noted. In May, a report stated that Coherent, a semiconductor company that operates one of the UK’s largest microchip factories, was “facing potential closure after Apple cut the cord on a lucrative deal”. The report also stated that Coherent produced components for the iPhone 16’s Face ID sensor, and that Apple had “ceased orders” due to upcoming improvements. DigiTimes has added the following this week:
Newton Aycliffe was the original supplier of the Face ID system, which is made up of cameras and sensors, for Apple’s iPhones. Apple ceased its orders due to design changes in the iPhone 16 series that is slated to be released in late 2024.
Face ID on the iPhone 16 will not be getting any “design changes”. There are no details available. Apple could be making changes to the iPhone 16’s Face ID system due to supply-chain relationships. This would not affect the functionality of the iPhone 16. The iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 models are expected retain the same design as the iPhone 15 Apple is developing Face ID technology that will be integrated into the iPhone’s screen. This will take place in the future. It’s not expected to debut before next year. Follow Chance: Threads on Twitter, Instagram and Mastodon. FTC: We utilize auto-affiliate links that generate income. You’re reading 9to5Mac – experts who provide daily news about Apple, its ecosystem and related products. Check out our homepage to get the latest news and follow 9to5Mac via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest. You don’t know where you should start? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for exclusive stories, reviews and how-tos.


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